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Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination

Real-time meteorological products such as forecasts and warnings are highly perishable and must be disseminated rapidly in the most efficient way to the intended audience, to be of any use. The most common means of dissemination is the mass media, mainly television, radio and newspapers, whereas facsimile, telephone and pagers can specifically target certain user groups.

Dissemination of Forecasts and Warnings 

  • TV: Has the advantage of using graphics and therefore enhances the understanding of forecasts.
  • Radio: Effective for reaching large numbers of people in emergency situations.

To request information, see the following contact details below:

Weather-related information: (+266) 22 350 732
 (+266) 22 312 920
Other Information: (+266) 22 325 047/41

Other Media of Dissemination also includes:

  • The Internet
  • Email
  • Newspapers
  • Fax