Ozone Country Programme


Lesotho signed both the Convention and the Protocol in 1994.The Ozone Division, under the Lesotho Meteorological Services is mandated to implement the 1985 Vienna Convention and 1987 Montreal Protocol on protection of Ozone Layer through reduction of Ozone Depleting Substances. The Unit coordinates all activities aimed at reducing consumption of gases containing chloride and bromide elements.Therefore, in order to remain compliant and contribute significantly in Ozone Protection programme, the Division works with several organs such as the Ozone Secretariat (OS).

The OS hosts a website and publishes a Handbook for the Montreal Protocol for the protection of the Ozone layer and Handbook for the Vienna Convention for the protection of the Ozone layer which contain the legal text and decisions of MOP/COP, organized by subject. The Ozone Secretariat provides information on many aspects of the Protocol (OS website).

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Global ODS Phase-out Schedule

 Substance  More Developed Countries(MDC) Least Developed Countries(LDC)
 CFC's  1995  2010
 Halons  1993  2010
 Carbon Tetrachloride  1995  2010
 Methyl  chlorofrom  1995  2015
Methyl Bromide 2005  2015
 HCFC's   2020  2040



Lesotho HCFC Phase-Out Schedule


National Training Programmes

The Programmes entails training workshops such as training of refrigeration and air-conditioning service providers on good service practices, retrofitting, recovery and recycling of Ozone Depleting Substances.

The programmes also including training of Customs officers, clearance and clearing agents on advanced importation control of Ozone Depleting substances, declaration and refining of the Harmonised System code clearing of the consignment.



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