The Hydrometeorology Section monitors water resources related activities in relation to weather and climate. It improves and encourages integration of meteorological and hydrological observation networks in order to facilitate research and have clear understanding of the country’s hydrology in the major catchments of the country.

Activities :

The seasonal weather forecast is studied each time and advisories are supplied to all relevant sectors of the likelihood of the season and possible impacts on the water resources.

The rainfall in the major river catchments of the country is observed throughout the year.

Flood and drought forecasting management, climate variability and its impacts on water resources.

Practical implementation of IWRM principles with particular attention to integrated flood management.

During the dry season of spring, a particular emphasis is put on monitoring the Mohokare river catchment. This is the river used by Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) to the majority of its clients. Lesotho’s textile industries get water from.

Stakeholders :

  •   Department of Water Affairs (DWA)
  •   Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS)
  •   Water Commission
  •   Water And Sewage Company (WASCO)
  •   Lesotho Highlands Development Authoriy (LHDA)
  •   Non-Governmental Organisations

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