Environmental Meteorology

Environmental Meteorology

The environment is greatly influenced by the weather elements. Thus provision of timely information to environmentalists is very vital always. There is a high level of climate variability in Lesotho and that often promotes land degradation primarily due to lengthy dry spells that are often accompanied by rains that sweep away top soil.

Thus the biodiversity, which forms an integral part of the environment, is often compromised by climate. Knowing the current weather and future likely patterns of the same always helps in maintaining the rangelands and containing all the elements that can endanger the physical environment. Thus with the following activities, the section helps in sustaining the environment as well as the biodiversity.

Activities :

The weather related advisories are always supplied to the environmentalists all season.

The Normalised Difference Vegetation Indices (NDVI) are used to monitor the general vegetation during the year.

The trends of environmental response mainly due to climate variability are studied

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