Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Livelihoods in Lesotho depend on crop and livestock production which are vulnerable to the erratic nature of weather events due to orography and topography, the shallow soils and spatial and temporal precipitation performance. Lesotho possesses an extremely fragile ecosystem whose vulnerabilities are promoted by the terrain of the land.

Majority of the society derives their livelihoods from the rain-fed agriculture which is at threat of increasing levels due to climate variability that brings different forms of drought, floods, heavy snowfalls and any other forms of weather related hazards. Presently, about three-quarters of all natural disasters being related to weather, climate and water and their extremes, Lesotho is more vulnerable to natural disasters of which drought is prominent. In reducing the damage caused by natural occurrences, we are partnered with the DMA who are Lesotho's national body that deals with disasters.


  • The seasonal weather forecast is studied each time and advisories are supplied to all relevant sectors of the likelihood of the season and possible impacts on the water   resources.
  •  Issue warnings of upcoming hazardous weather phenomenon.
  •  Participate in different food security assessments with other stakeholders.
  •   Undertake studies to determine more the climate uncertainties.


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