Data Reporting

Data Reporting

National Data on ozone depleting substances is essential for monitoring the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol. The Ozone division collects data from various refrigeration companies and associations, and through surveys and censuses.

The data is used for assessing each country’s compliance with ODS phase out schedule agreed under the protocol , and for tracking overall progress in phasing-out ODS as well as gaps and to identify areas where further support is needed.

  • ODS data reporting to the Ozone Secretariat: Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol requires all Parties to provide statistical data about ODS to the Ozone Secretariat every year.


Deadline: 30th September

  • Country Programme Data to the Multilateral Fund Secretariat: Every country that has Country Programme supported by the Multilateral Fund (MLF) must provide information annually to the Fund Secretariat on the progress in the implementation of its programme.

Deadline: 30th March

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