The purpose of the Agrometeorology sub-section is to support and provide advisories to       agricultural production and food security activities in the country. The sub-section assists     stakeholders in provision of meteorological and related services to the agricultural     community to help develop sustainable and economically viable agricultural systems,  improve production and quality, reduce losses and risks, labour and energy, and decrease costs.

Although sometimes combined, climate information is used mainly for planning purposes,   while recent weather data and weather forecasts are used mostly in current agricultural  operations.


In the beginning of the major cropping season (summer), the section studies the seasonal weather forecast provided by the Weather Office and interprets it for farming     communities. Advisories on the likelihood of the season are then given to all relevant farming sectors.

Monitoring of Crop performance in relation to prevailing weather is done during the progress of the season. This is studying the crop water balance during different phonological stages of the crop development. Update of the seasonal forecast in the mid-season is made.

Production forecast towards the end of cropping season is done. This is done using several indicators derived from the tools available.

The Stakeholders :

            The farming communities

            Ministry of Agriculture and Food Securiy

            Disaster Management Authority (DMA)

            Ministry of Environment

            UN agencies (FAO, WFP)

            World Agricultural Meteorology Information System (WAMIS)

            Non-Governmental Organisations

            SADC Drought Monitoring Center, Harare

            SADC Food, Agriculture and Energy, Meteorology & Water Affairs

Publications :

            Dekadal Bulletin

            Monthly Update


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