Africa Adaptation Programme Lesotho

Africa Adaptation Programme - Lesotho

The Africa Adaptation Program (AAP) was funded by a grant of US$ 92 million from the Government of Japan, administered by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and implemented in 20 countries across Africa. The overall objective of the programme was to “Support Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa”.

AAP – Lesotho was prepared in 2009 and titled “Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to climate Change in Lesotho” The overall project objective was to improve  technical knowledge, skills, information and resources to plan for and implement effective and timely climate change responses of all participating individuals, institutions and communities.

The project document was signed by the Government of Lesotho and UNDP on 6 May 2010 and the initial implementation period was for 2 years (ending December 2011) but that was later extended by one year. The main implementation period then scheduled to end 31 December 2012.

AAP – Lesotho was designed to focus on the Energy and Health sectors with the overall expected outcome as “Government, local institutions and communities are able to develop and implement climate change adaptation strategies”. The following were the expected project outputs:

    1. Leadership capacities and institutional framework to manage climate change risks and opportunities are strengthened.
    2. Climate resilient policies and measures in energy and health sectors implemented at local and national level.
    3. Financing options to meet national adaptation costs expanded.
    4. Knowledge on adjusting national development processes to incorporate climate risks is increased.

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