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Our  History

Lesotho Meteorological Services was created in 1974 as a division within the Department of Hydrology and Meteorological services. In 1988 when this department was upgraded to the present department of Water Affairs, LMS became a distinct 'Cost Centre' with its own budget but still within the department of Water Affairs. It was finally upgraded to the status of a fully-fledged department under the Ministry of Natural Resources on the 1st August 2000, which is now the Ministry of Energy, Meteorology and Water Affairs. Meteorological records in Lesotho go far back to 1889. The responsibility to collect meteorological data was shared by both the British administration and the South African authority. One of the first tasks undertaken by LMS when it was formed was to collect all the climate records of the country, thus LMS possesses a Climate Record of over 120 years.


To be a center of Excellency that provides accurate, reliable and timely weather and climate services for sustainable socio economic development.

Mission Statement

To improve the livelihood of Lesotho through effective application of the science of Meteorology and harmonization of their socio-economic activities with weather and climate.


The main objective of LMS is to apply and integrate the science of meteorology with social and economic activities, particularly in poverty reduction, employment creation, protection of atmospheric environment and promotion of measures to be resilient to the adverse impacts of climate change.


LMS is the Government arm on weather, climate and the atmospheric environment responsible for:

  •  Provision of Meteorological Services

Weather and climate affects every facet of life. Provision of timely and accurate meteorological services strives to harmonize human activities particularly developmental and social with weather and climate.

  •  Coordination of National Efforts to Adapt and Mitigate the Changing Climate

Climate is a natural resource but while benefiting from its rewards, we are nevertheless quite vulnerable through its variability and change. LMS develops and implements national multi-sectoral strategies to adapt and to mitigate emerging changes in climate.

  • Protection of the Atmospheric Environment including ozone layer over the Territory of Lesotho

The depletion of the upper atmospheric ozone layer poses a threat to all forms of life on earth. LMS monitors the state of the atmospheric environment as well as the use of ozone depleting substances and implements national programmes for their


We provide a wide of range of sevices:

  •  Public weather services
  •  Aviation Services
  •  Climate data, information and products service
  •  Sector specific advisories
  •  Climate change advisories
  •   Ozone layer protection


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